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Evolution Gaming is doing an excellent job at bringing the live dealer content closer to its fans. One of their approaches is making localised versions of games for countries where they are popular, and one of those games is Turkish Live Roulette.

Featuring native-speaking dealers and a studio decorated to resemble the country in Asia Minor, this game offers top-notch live casino experience to all people who live in Turkey or speak the Turkish language. The game also features an exceptional interface, great streaming quality, and cutting-edge underlying software which allows players to blend the real with the digital.

Live Turkish Roulette

Studio Description

The studio looks elegant and vibrant with the elements of decor native to Turkey. The red table resembles the Turkish flag, and you can see that other elements in the studio are very much inspired by this country’s cultural heritage.

Game Features

  • Chat function
  • Game history
  • Available 24/7
  • Native-speaking dealers
  • Available on multiple devices
  • Male and female dealers
  • Multi-play functionality


Although Evolution Gaming did their best to create the ultimate Turkish roulette experience, the game itself follows the standard European roulette format with one zero socket. Therefore, the payouts are the same as in the standard type of roulette. Betting on numbers will result in a 35:1 payout. However, if you choose to place outside bets, the payouts are:

  • Red/Black pays 1 to 1
  • Odd/Even pays 1 to 1
  • Low/High pays 1 to 1
  • Column bet pays 2 to 1
  • Dozen bet pays 2 to 1

How to Play

Since Turkish Roulette is mainly inspired by the classic European variant of this game, the identical rules apply. In other words, if you have experience in playing European roulette, you will have no trouble adapting to this one. All you have to do is join the game and place a bet on one of the available options. Once the betting round is over, the dealer will toss the ball onto the spinning wheel. As soon as the ball lands, the software will immediately display the result and you’ll know whether you’ve won the bet.

Video Description

The video of all Evolution Gaming’s live casino games is automatically adjusted to your connection. This is very important if you play the game on your mobile device and the WiFi signal is not that strong. However, you also have an opportunity to adjust the quality of the video yourself, which is a great feature. There are three options you can use to adjust the video: immersive, classic, and 3D. Make sure to check all three to find the one that suits you the most.


The dealers work 24/7 in this game and are all professionals who know how to entertain Turkish players. Also, they are all fluent speakers of the Turkish language. On top of that, all dealers are native Turkish people, meaning they offer a highly-localised experience. They can engage in a conversation about Turkey, its culture, tradition, the latest trends in the country, and more.

Mobile and Desktop Interface

The desktop interface is highly immersive, as well as customisable. You can change camera angles, access the history of spins, chat with the dealer, and more. Moreover, there are several interesting options related to video and sound adjustments, and a couple of other tools that facilitate customisation. Being developed using HTML5 technology, this game is also available on mobile devices and tablets. The interface will automatically adjust to small screens, but the game will retain all the original options.

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