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General Description

Salon Privé is one of Evolution Gaming’s most successful platforms for online casinos that want to reward their high rollers with some premium casino gaming. Salon Privé offers an elegant setting and top-of-the-line experience for those players who are willing to wager a bit extra. 

The main feature of Salon Privé tables is that VIP players can have a casino table just for themselves. There are a total of five private tables to choose from: one Salon Privé Live Roulette table, three Salon Privé Live Blackjack tables and one Salon Privé Live Baccarat table. 

Each of these tables has a different betting limit which can be set by the operator. The minimum bankroll requirements apply to all tables, and the minimum bet can’t go below €1,500 for roulette, €2,000 for blackjack, and  €1,000 for baccarat. Maximum bets frequently go over €10,000 per hand. 

It is not only the chance to wager big that makes Salon Privé games unique and exclusive. Salon Privé tables are equipped with a VIP room manager who is present at all times during gameplay to meet the needs of players. Also, the player control of the games has never been better. 

For example, players can choose the dealer they prefer or request a shuffle of decks at any time. With the Deal Now and Spin Now options, players can dictate the pace of the game, meaning they can have extra control. There is even an option in baccarat tables where players can request a Free Hand just like in VIP Baccarat tables in Macau. 

As you can see, the levels of customer service in Salon Privé games are unparalleled, which, coupled with the ability to access Salon Privé games from smartphones, tablets, and PCs, gives players everything they need for a proper VIP experience they deserve.