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Game Description

No Commission Baccarat is quickly becoming one of the most frequently played types of baccarat games by Evolution Gaming thanks to its unique characteristics. First of all, as its name suggests, it is a version of traditional Live Baccarat but with a twist — the players are not required to pay a 5% commission to the house if they bet on the Banker and the Banker wins. 

Instead, players are looking at a 1:1 payout if either the Player or Banker wins, and even a 9:1 payout if there’s a Tie. But that’s not all Live No Commission Baccarat has to offer. There are various side bets, like the Super 6 bet, where the players will be looking at a 15:1 payout. 


Live Commission Baccarat is streamed live from a luxurious studio. Evolution Gaming did its best to let you know a deluxe gaming experience awaits. The standard arched baccarat table is in the middle of the screen, with a live dealer behind it to deal the cards and dictate the game. 

The purple colour of the felt is a symbol of royalty. Together with the beautifully decorated panels in the studio that resemble Japanese fusuma, wooden frames make up a perfect setting for casino gaming. 

Game Features

  • There is no 5% commission if the Banker wins 
  • If the Banker scores 6, players are paid half of the original bet
  • There is a Super 6 insurance bet 
  • All Evolution Gaming’s supported languages are available
  • You can play Live No Commission Baccarat on all type of devices 
  • Multiple standard and side bets 








0.5:1 if the Banker wins with 6


8:1 or 9:1, depending on the operator’s decision






One Pair – 25:1

Two Pairs – 200:1 





  • Non-Natural hand wins by 9 points – 30:1 
  • Non-Natural hand wins by 8 points – 10:1
  • Non-Natural hand wins by 7 points – 6:1
  • Non-Natural hand wins by 6 points – 4:1
  • Non-Natural hand wins by 5 points – 2:1
  • Non-Natural hand wins by 4 points – 1:1
  • Natural Win – 1:1 
  • Natural Tie – Push

The average RTP percentage for Live No Commission Baccarat is 98.76%, which is based on the optimal strategy for the Player’s bet. 


Players who are new to Live No Commission Baccarat have nothing to worry about as the gameplay is almost entirely similar to that of regular Live Baccarat, except for a couple of special characteristics. 

First of all, the Player and the Banker are dealt two cards each. The cards are taken at their face value, like in regular Live Baccarat, which means 10s and suits are worth 0. Aces are worth 1, while other cards are valued according to their numbers. The 10 digit is dropped from the combined value of the two cards dealt, and the one-digit number that remains is the final value of the hand. 

As in regular Live Baccarat, the goal of the game is to predict whether the winner of the round will be the Player or the Banker by having the combined value of cards closest to the number 9, or will the game end in a Tie. 

Once you place the main bets, you can also place some popular side bets. This is where No Commission Baccarat is unique among other baccarat games. There is a Super 6 insurance bet that pays 15:1 if the Banker wins the hand with a score of 6. 

Video Description

Live No Commission Baccarat is streamed live with multiple HD cameras. One camera angle covers a broad frame with the dealer and the table action in focus. The second camera angle gets activated and follows the flipping of cards, so you won’t miss a moment of the game. 

There are no replays of the past wins as the game is fast-paced by nature, but the detailed statistics and scorecards will give you a great insight into the ongoing action. All buttons and controls are visible enough and hold prominent positions on the screen. 

Native-Speaking Dealers 

No Commission Baccarat is available in all languages Evolution Gaming supports, and that list goes beyond just English, Spanish, German, Russian, French, and other popular languages. Evolution Gaming can source virtually any language, ensuring a highly localised playing experience for your players. 

Mobile/Desktop Interface

Live No Commission Baccarat is accessible via all kinds of desktop and mobile devices. You can play it on your laptop, desktop computer, tablet, smartphone — you name it and it is a viable option. 

Mobile casino players can play the game on all kinds of operating systems, such as Android, iOS, Windows, and others. The same goes for desktop users. The game is responsive and easy to navigate. All in-game controls are positioned in the upper-right corner of the screen, so you can switch between different views and camera modes at any moment.