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General Description

Evolution Gaming is always bringing new ideas to world-class live casino gaming. This time, their ideas are in the form of highly localised native-speaking dealer solutions developed specifically to cater to the needs of local online casinos and players. Evolution Gaming has created live roulette rooms where players from around the world can feel like they have just entered their local land-based casino. 

One of the first things that contribute to the feeling is the state-of-the-art studio that employs the blue-screen technology, which allows a quick change of interiors and lets you have the same live dealer in different table and environment settings. 

But what really makes all the difference are the highly trained live dealers speaking the local language of players. Evolution Gaming offers roulette tables for speakers of French, German, Spanish, Flemish, Italian, Swedish, Russian, Japanese, Romanian, Turkish, Arabic, and virtually any other language you need, as Evolution Gaming can source top native-speaking dealers for every language you can think of. 

The combination of native-speaking dealers and a localised environment has proven to be highly lucrative for casino operators. Player retention increases dramatically thanks to the personalised playing experience brought to them by the fact they can play in their native language and familiar surroundings. The relationship and rapport players build with live dealers results in repeated visits, more playing time, and ultimately, an increase in spending by more than 50%. 

Depending on the language you choose, live roulette tables are available between eight and 24 hours per day, so you can offer round-the-clock excitement and premium casino experience to your loyal players. 

It is worth noting that all local native-speaking solutions are in accordance with the local jurisdiction and laws, so you won’t have to worry about the legal aspect of things. Also, the games are accessible across different devices, like smartphones, tablets, and PC computers.