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In a technical sense, a Mini Live Roulette is a compact version (200 x 230 pixels) of Live Roulette that gives greater flexibility to meet new customer demand.

Despite the scaled-down format, it has the same appeal as the standardised Live Roulette game.

Split-screen settings amplify Mini Live Roulette mass appeal. While watching the wheel spin, players can play multiple games: bingo or try out RNG slot games. To make the whole casino experience more stimulating and refreshing, a number of betting games (bet on sports) can be played concurrently.

Mini Live Roulette unique offering

  • Optimal flexibility for player’s convenience
  • Designed for smaller game windows
  • Desktop-friendly interface
  • Expandable toolbar (up to 300 x 345 pixels)
  • Flexible bidding strategies and chip values

Key benefits for operators

  • Greater design flexibility for the optimisation process
  • Accomplished balance between cost and value
  • Good addition to the portfolio of casino-style mini games
  • Increased revenue potential
  • Ease of implementation

Key benefits for players

  • Live-wheel action
  • Instant accessibility
  • Live dealer instructions and confirmations
  • Opportunity to play multiple games simultaneously
  • High payouts 97.30%

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