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Live Three Card Poker

3 card poker

Live Three Card Poker is an unconventional offspring of live poker.

Live Three Card Poker is an ever-popular casino specialty table game that changes the poker landscape and highlights the need for casino product offering diversification.

This online casino game is played against the dealer (not against players), with a single deck of 52 cards. Essentially, players have to make a better Three Card Poker hand the dealer in order to score a win.

This live casino game is distinguished by its overall simplicity, multiplayer mode and mixed wagering options (bonus bets included).

Live Three Card Poker consists of one mandatory and several optional bets. With the mandatory Ante bet, the player can either make a Play bet of an Ante bet (1x) or decide to ‘Fold’ after seeing three dealt cards.

Pair Plus Bonus is a side bet that can be made only after the Ante bet is placed. Top scoring combinations – Pair or higher.

Both bets allow players to compete against a payout table (live dealer) with odds of up to 100 to 1. It should be also noted that the dealer needs to qualify with a hand of Queen or higher for play to proceed.


Live Three Card Poker unique offerings:

– High demand specialty live table game

– A wide choice of side bet alternatives

– Suspenseful gaming environment


Key benefits for operators:

– Great tool for instant diversification

– Player’s loyalty booster

– Multiplayer scalability

– Incremental revenue stream

– A dedicated environment option to strengthen casino brand


Key benefits for players:

– Authentic world-class live poker stream

– Cross-play option optimised for each screen size

– Multiple bonus bets (Ante Bonus, Pair Plus Bonus, 6 Card Bonus)

– Easy-to-understand rules for less experienced players

– Additional rewards for players


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