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World-class Casino Hold’em – live, interactive and scalable

Live Casino Hold’em is a top-class 5 card poker game that is a key component of every casino’s identity. If you are looking for an alternate revenue stream whilst expanding your client base, add Live Casino Hold’em to your online casino platform and use its reputation to great advantage.

Being a successor of Texas Hold’em poker, Live Casino Hold’em game is a next-generation card game, livestreamed in real time. It is played with one 52-card deck, and cards are shuffled after each game session. Multiple players can gather at one virtual table to compete against live-dealer and chances of spiking Royal Flash are at all-time high.

Relatively subtle differences between Texas Hold’em and Live Casino Hold’em can be detected. In Casino Hold’em an unlimited number of players are playing against the house (casino), not against each other, making the game more scalable for casino operators. Need we remind you that scalable business models have the potential for earning higher profits?

Live Casino Hold’em poker is a profit-oriented, fair value game with plenty of interactive features to handle, such as smooth interaction with a live dealer or fellow players (opponents), automatic fold if time runs out and extra betting options - the main Ante bet and Bonus bet that pays out if a Pair of Aces or higher is dealt in the first five cards.

Live Casino Hold'em unique offering

  • World-class live poker game with innovative features
  • Multiplayer game that can be played anytime and anywhere
  • Useful tool for boosting brand’s presence

Key benefits for operators

  • Powerful attraction and retention tool
  • Strong gaming portfolio asset
  • Multiplayer scalability
  • Optimised for various browsers and devices alike
  • Dedicated environments that can strengthen casino brands and create new revenue opportunities

Key benefits for players

  • “Real casino” poker experience on-screen
  • High quality live stream
  • Mobile and PC compatibility
  • Additional rewards for players (Bonus bet)
  • Payout of 97.84%

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