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The fastest, most realistic Blackjack out there

Blackjack has an indisputably rich heritage. Throughout the gaming history, Blackjack accelerated its popularity, hereby ensuring its ubiquity. Live Blackjack is a key step towards the next generation of online gambling.

Live Blackjack is mostly noted for its multipurpose entertainment units (combines nearly all genres of card entertainment), interactive capabilities (a real-time interaction between dealers and players) and fast shuffling processes - initial decision whether to hit, stand, double down or split can be made at the same time the first player initiates a move. A waiting time during the game can be significantly reduced.

Awards and recognition badges are handed out regularly. Hot players are highlighted with a gold status medal next to their name in the Live Blackjack player’s interface.

Live Blackjack’s unique offerings:

  • A wide selection of virtual card tables
  • Opportunity to play the core game along with side bets (Pre-Decision, Bat Behind, etc.)
  • No shortage of betting options (Insurance, Doubling Down, Perfect Pairs and 21+3)

VIP Live Blackjack’s unique offerings:

  • Red Room environment with VIP privileges
  • VIP table exclusive setting available 24/7
  • Flexible betting options for high-wagering VIP players

Key benefits for operators:

  • A profitable game portfolio asset
  • Maximised player lifetime value
  • New customer outreach
  • Credible cross-promotion tool
  • Multiple device support

Key benefits for players:

  • TV-quality live streaming
  • Fast-paced game action
  • User-friendly interface
  • Interactive casino environment with extra betting opportunity
  • VIP Blackjack and parties (ability for all players from all licensee networks to join the party and chat amongst each other)

Virtual Live Blackjack tables are configurable. The game itself supports HTML5, perfectly adapting to any device and properly scaling up to the best screen size.

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