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Game Description

Evolution Gaming’s Lightning Baccarat is an exciting and novel version of the standard live baccarat game packed with unique playing features and audio and visual effects for a playing experience of a lifetime. 

Like all other award-winning lightning versions of live casino games, Lightning Baccarat too has special add ons. This time, it is a high-paying RNG feature where 1-5 randomly generated Lightning Cards appear in each round and bring 2x to 8x multipliers to the winning hand. If you register a win with three lightning cards, you could be looking at a 512x multiplier of your total win. 


Lightning Baccarat’s action takes place in an art deco studio with gold and black colours dominating the surroundings. Lightning effects and thunderbolts appear to mark the lightning cards and the fun that awaits. 

The baccarat table is rectangular, with the dealer positioned at the centre of the table. The beautifully furnished setting invokes the feeling of playing casino games in establishments from the start of the 20th century, with a touch of modern effects and aesthetics. 

Game Features

  • Exciting multipliers
  • Lightning cards and multipliers seen in every round
  • Live chat and scoreboards available
  • Playable on tablets, smartphones, and PCs 
  • Live support provided 
  • Up to €500,000 prize pools 
  • Banker and Player side bets 


Payouts in Lightning Baccarat depend on the type of bet you place. The example below gives an overview of bets and their payouts.




1 – 512:1/ 98.76% RTP


1 – 512:1 95% of your Banker bet returns if the Banker wins/98.59% RTP


5 – 1,310,720:1/94.51% RTP 


9 – 576:1/88.35% RTP


9 – 576:1/88.35% RTP

The overall and optimal RTP percentage for Lightning Roulette is 98.76%. However, the RTP changes depending on the bet you place. Check out the table above for further detail.


Lightning Baccarat is based on standard baccarat rules with a couple of changes. First of all, the goal of the game is to predict whether the player or the banker will win the round by having a hand that is closest to 9. 

The dealer will draw the cards from a shoe that has eight shuffled decks. Some cards in the deck retain their face values, like those from 2 to 9. Aces have the lowest value of 1, while kings, queens, jacks, and 10s are all worth 0, so only numerical cards are concerned. 

Two initial cards are dealt to both the player and the banker and their values are calculated. If their value exceeds 10, only the value of the second card is calculated. If the total value of cards is 8 or 9, that is a ‘natural’ and the round finishes. If the value of the first two cards is between 0-7, then the ‘third-card rule’ is applied to determine whether the third card is going to be dealt to one or both hands. 

Before the cards are dealt, the player bets on whether the player’s cards will be closer to 9 or the ones the banker is dealt. You can also bet on side bets that pay if the first two cards constitute a pair for either the player or the banker. Also, you can opt for a tie bet that brings a huge payout. 

In each round, 1 to 5 random cards from a digital deck are marked, and if the winning bet contains one of those multiplier cards, winnings will be multiplied accordingly. With a winning bet on a Tie bet with six matching lightning cards, you can receive a multiplier of 262,144x. Note that there is a 20% lightning round fee that applies to winnings with the lightning cards. 

Video Description

Lightning Baccarat is streamed in high definition from Evolution Gaming’s studio and is fully optimised for all types of devices. Players can switch between two views and two camera angles; the classic view is recommended to those with insufficient bandwidth. The close-ups are fixed on the cards dealt so the players can always pay close attention to the action.

Native-Speaking Dealers 

The dealers in the basic version of the game speak English, but other languages are also available upon request. 

Mobile/Desktop Interface

Lightning Baccarat is optimised for all types of smartphones and tablets, regardless of their operating systems. On smartphones, players can choose between landscape and portrait modes and do so automatically when Player Orientation Lock is turned off. 

Tablet users can only use landscape mode. The UI experience is top-notch and the game is easy to navigate and play on the go. 

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