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Game Description

Football Studio is a unique type of game-show casino game that combines the best of both worlds. It is a simple card game with a football environment we get to see when big football games are broadcast and TV stations set up these special studios for this occasion. 

To make it as realistic as possible, the dealers host the game in the style of sports commentators, commenting on the live score of actual games played worldwide and the happenings in the world of top football championships around the world, like the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Champions League, Europa League, and others. 

The combination of aesthetically pleasing video and sound effects and the fast-paced gameplay will make the players feel like they are attending a Champions League final while playing a simplified baccarat game with friends. 


The action in the Football Studio game is situated in an interactive studio with a football pitch-style table where the dealer places the cards from an eight-deck shoe. In the background, you can see the animated scoreboard that lights up to mark the winning team of the round. 

You can also count on the live commentary from the dealer about the ongoing games, as well as the updates and news about real-life fixtures in top football competitions around the planet, which adds a special feel to the game. 

Game Features

  • Football-themed game
  • Live commentary, chat, goal celebrations, and special effects
  • Particularly appealing to sportsbooks aficionados 
  • Fast gameplay
  • Easy to master 
  • Highly customisable 




Home Win


Away Win




The RTP percentage will vary depending on the type of bet you choose. The main bets, or the bets on Home or Away wins have a 96.27% RTP, while the Draw bet has an 89.64% RTP.


To begin your football-themed adventure with Football Studio, you need to place one of the three available bets. You can bet on the home or away team to get the higher value card, or you can bet on the result being a draw. The dealer and sports commentator will deal each team a single face-up card. The card with the lowest value is 2, while the highest value card is the ace. 

If the player decides to place a bet on a draw, the Home and Away cards have to be of the same value, regardless of their suit. If successful, there is an 11:1 payout waiting. The Home and Away bets have a 1:1 payout, which can easily be €10,000 or more. 

What facilitates the player’s decision even further is the detailed statistics bar that shows the results of past rounds and the win frequency for all kinds of bets. 

Video Description

The entire action is monitored and streamed closely by two HD cameras. One camera catches a wider frame, with the dealer and the entire background, while the other zooms in on the cards once they are dealt, so you can get a good close up on the cards and never miss out on any of the action. 

Native-Speaking Dealers

The primary language of Football Studio is English. However, thanks to the many languages that Evolution Gaming supports and the multiple customisation options for this game, you can request the game to be in any other language of your choice and Evolution Gaming is likely to provide it. 

Mobile/Desktop Interface

One of the biggest selling points of Football Studio is that it is a game available on all kinds of desktop and mobile devices. You can play Football Studio from the comfort of your home using your laptop or desktop computer, or you can take the action with you and play on your smartphone or tablet. 

The game supports all kinds of operating systems, from Android to iOS, so you won’t have any issues launching the game on your device. The game is easy to navigate and is quite responsive, too.