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Game Description

First Person Mega Ball is a mega-popular game-show/casino game based on the live version of Mega Ball that has a huge fan base and is one of the most popular games from Evolution Gaming. In First Person Mega Ball, the random number generator is in charge of providing random outcomes, drawing 20 out of 51 balls from the Mega Ball raffle drum. 

This bingo-style game is straightforward and easy to play. It is even more exciting than regular bingo games thanks to its unique gameplay features like the added multipliers that can multiply your winnings after each round. Like in all First Person games from Evolution Gaming, players can count on having more control of the game itself, since they can initiate the draws of the balls at their own volition by clicking on the Play button. What’s more, there is a cross-selling Go Live button that can take the players to the live version of the game instantly. 


The action in First Person Mega Ball takes place in a dashing virtual studio decorated with golden frames and a background that gives a luxurious feel to the game. The raffle drum takes a prominent position on the screen with all the commands and notifications, including purchased cards, numbers, payouts, possible multipliers, and all other vital details. 

What improves the user experience even further and keeps players at the edge of their seats is information on how much they can win if a specific ball is drawn next. The supreme 3D rendering and playful audio effects resemble those we can hear in real TV bingo shows, which brings a further layer of authenticity to this RNG game. 

Game Features

  • Well-established bingo mechanics
  • Fast gameplay
  • Multiplier bonus rounds 
  • Generous payouts 
  • Numerous customisation options 
  • Go Live cross-selling button 


The average RTP of First Person Mega Ball is set at 95.40%, which gives players enough reason to expect some regular wins. The payouts in Mega Ball depend on how many lines you connect on your card and are as follows: 





1x (push) – 99:1


4 – 499:1


49 – 4,999:1


249 – 24,999:1


999 – 99,999:1


9,999 – 999,999:1


The goal of First Person Mega Ball is to get as many lines per your Mega Ball number card to match the draws from the raffle drum. The raffle drum will draw 20 out of 51 balls, and when the last ball is drawn, you can collect your winnings if you have managed to match the numbers on your card in a line. 

Each card you buy has 5x5 square cells with 24 random numbers on it. You win if five squares or numbers on the card match those drawn by the machine. You can connect the numbers/squares vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. The maximum number of winning lines you can get per card is 12. 

Before the draw, you need to buy a card, which can be worth from €0.10 to €100. You can buy up to 200 cards per draw, so you can expect massive payouts. The numbers drawn by the raffle are automatically updated on your cards, so the cards with the most odds of winning are placed on the top, and any wins are also automatically displayed. Once the last ball is drawn, an additional Mega Ball bonus round initiates and a multiplier for the round is generated, which can multiply the winnings between 5 and 100 times. 

Video Description

Players of First Person Mega Ball can expect to see the action from the first-person perspective, with a focus on the raffle drum and the drawing of numbers. The two camera angles shift from the wide focus on the drum to the drawn numbers so that the players can monitor the action at all times. 

Native-Speaking Dealers

Thanks to Evolution Gaming’s multilingual and multi-currency platform, you can choose the language of the game, which can be virtually any language since Evolution Gaming covers most of them. The same goes for currencies, which gives the casinos an extra customisation option that the players love to see. 

Mobile/Desktop Interface

If you are focused on mobile casino gaming and concerned that First Person Mega Ball won’t work on mobile devices, don’t be. Evolution Gaming employs the latest HTML5 technology to ensure that mobile casino players have the same gaming experience as those playing on their desktop devices. All of the game features and characteristics are present in the mobile version of the game that can be played via smartphones and tablets, regardless of their operating systems. 

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