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Game Description

First Person Lightning Roulette is an exciting RNG-powered roulette game based on the European roulette style of play with a single zero, just like its live counterpart. The main characteristic of First Person Lightning Roulette is that it will provide the players with the same immersive and fast-paced gaming experience they are used to getting in live dealer Lightning Roulette

You can see the same video effects with dramatic light flashes indicating the Lucky Numbers that multiply the winnings 50 – 500 times if the ball lands on them. What’s more, the same buzzing sounds and other electrifying effects keep the players focused on the game. Like all First Person games, this one has the Go Live feature that takes players through an in-game portal straight to the live dealer version of the game. 


First Person Lightning Roulette is played in a sophisticated virtual studio that resembles the one in the live version of the game to a tee. The supreme 3D graphics do a stellar job of presenting all the important details, like the golden background of the studio and the look of the roulette table. Besides, the special lightning features announcing the Lucky Numbers bring a flash of additional excitement that players were only accustomed to seeing in the live dealer version. 

Game Features 

  • Fast gameplay
  • Up to 500x prize multiplier with Lucky Numbers
  • Superb audio and visual effects 
  • Multiple camera angles 
  • Same betting style as in European roulette 
  • Rebet function 
  • Cross-selling Go Live option 


The general RTP percentage of First Person Lightning Roulette is set at between 97.10% and 97.30%, with the Straight Up bet having an RTP of 97.30%. The payout structure is the same as in European roulette, and is predetermined according to this table: 





Straight Up 

1 Number 

29 – 499 to 1


2 Numbers 

17 to 1


3 Numbers 

11 to 1


4 Numbers 

8 to 1


6 Numbers 

5 to 1



12 numbers

2 to 1


18 numbers

1 to 1


18 numbers

1 to 1

Low (1–18) /

High (19–36)

18 numbers

1 to 1

Gameplay / Tutorial

One of the reasons why First Person Lightning Roulette is so popular is the fact that new players find it easy to master. The goal of the game is to predict where the roulette ball will land on the roulette wheel and place your bets accordingly.

As in all First Person games from Evolution Gaming, the players have complete control of when the spin is initiated thanks to the Spin button. Before each round, the players set the value of their bets anywhere from €0.10 and €5,000 per round. Players can also opt for the Rebet function to repeat the previous wager, or the 2x option that doubles the last stake. 

The bread and butter of First Person Lightning Roulette is the Lucky Number game feature that happens in every round, and in which anywhere from one to five numbers are highlighted and assigned a multiplier ranging from 50x to 500x. If the ball lands on these numbers, the players can get massive payouts. 

Video Description

The action in First Person Lightning Roulette is covered from multiple angles that change depending on the moment in the game. They range from close-ups of the betting table to the spinning of the wheel and the thrill-building Lucky Numbers that have the players hoping for massive wins. 

Outstanding 3D visual effects and sounds are what you can expect to see and what will help build the immersive gaming experience. There are no replays of winning rounds as the game is relatively fast-paced, but the betting history you can access can tell you more about the outcomes of previous rounds.  

Native Speaking Dealers 

First Person Lightning Roulette is predominantly played in English. However, Evolution Gaming offers to build an interface in almost any other language, depending on your market of choice. You can have the game in Spanish, French, Russian, German, and virtually any other language you need. 

Mobile/Desktop Interface

Thanks to the HTML5 technology behind it, First Person Lightning Roulette is perfectly playable across all kinds of desktop and mobile devices with the same playing features and options. All operating systems are supported, from Windows and Android to iOS. Mobile casino players can play it on their mobile device in both landscape and portrait modes, whichever suits them best.

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