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Game Description

Deal or No Deal is a well-known American television game show loved by millions. In 2019, Evolution Gaming released the first Deal or No Deal live casino game that can be enjoyed by any number of players. Deal Or No Deal Just like in the game show, the player (contestant) is faced with sixteen different suitcases, all of which hide a variety of cash prizes. The player can make a deal with the banker or continue to play up until the last briefcase. The prizes are displayed on the screen, and they disappear after each suitcase is eliminated. During each round, the deal will be made up of a small percentage of potential winnings, and at the last round, the player can choose to switch briefcases.


The game studio is designed in such a way to mimic the original Deal or No Deal studio and has a very late-night show feel to it. Even the smallest details have been replicated to perfection, like the rotary phone through which the host talks to the banker. Apart from a talkative host who keeps the show going, there is an attractive female model who opens all the suitcases.

Game Features

  • Available 24/7
  • Live chat
  • HD streams
  • Compatible to multiple devices
  • Multi-layered gameplay
  • Big multipliers


Payouts in Deal or No Deal are RNG-based, as are the spins you get in the qualifying rounds. The bigger you bet, the more money will get put inside the briefcases, from 0.10x to 500x. The average RTP of this game is 95.42%.

How to Play

Deal or No Deal live casino game has three stages. The first stage is a qualification round in which you need to spin three circles and hope that they all land in the right way for you to unlock the next round. It’s relatively similar to a slot game. You can set the qualification difficulty to Normal, Easy, and Very easy, but the easier the difficulty, the more money you pay per spin. The second stage involves topping up the briefcases. Click on the briefcase you wish to increase the value of and select the bet size. You have two minutes to spin the wheel on which every space is filled with a different bonus. Finally, the third round follows the rules of the classic Deal or No Deal TV show. Just predict whether the amount of money in the briefcases is going to be higher than what the banker offers you. Of course, you will have the option to switch briefcases once there are two left.

Video Description

Once you enter the third stage, you will be introduced to the host and his assistant. There is one camera angle that shows the entire studio, and another one that zooms in on the briefcases as they are being opened. The streams are shot in HD quality, and as long as you have a stable internet connection, you shouldn’t worry about any stream delays or interruptions.

Native Speaking Dealers

The dealers in Deal or No Deal are more like game show hosts than actual dealers because they don’t deal any cards or chips to you. All of them speak fluent English and will guide you through the game while you play.

Mobile and Desktop Interface

The game’s interface is very transparent and easy to follow. Below the wheels in the first two rounds are the buttons that allow you to change your bet values and the difficulty of the qualifying spin. Once in the game, you will only be left with numbered suitcases and their values which will be displayed on each side of the screen. After the banker has made his call, the Deal and No Deal buttons will appear in front of you. On the last deal, you will also have an option to click on the Switch Briefcase button.

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