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Game Description 

Craps Live by Evolution is the world’s first live version of the traditional casino game of craps whose origin can be traced back to the Crusades and the ancient European game of Hazard. Craps Live is the first live casino game to be released by Evolution after its rebranding, putting the game under a lot of pressure to succeed. 

Thankfully, it has not failed to deliver. The essence of it is the same as traditional craps — players bet on the possible outcome of the roll of two dice. If they manage to pick the correct dice outcome, players get paid according to their bet’s payout structure. 

If you are wondering how craps can be played online when the players themselves throw the dice, Evolution has thought of that too. It designed a robotic arm that will be in charge of throwing the dice. What’s more, the mechanical arm is designed to throw the dice with different power and speed each time around and bring the most immersive craps gaming experience possible. 

Also, Evolution has paid attention to the community aspect of the game and introduced several social interaction options, such as the cheering button players can use to voice their support, seeing what other players are betting on, and more. 


The game is situated in an authentic studio that resembles the illicit bars and nightclubs from the Prohibition era, also known as blind tigers or speakeasy clubs. Wooden carvings, brick walls, glass doors, and posters of pin-up girls hanging on the walls set the perfect tone for the game and give you the sense of being at a real craps table. 

The table is lavishly designed and features top-quality felt and bulged alligator skin on the edges to soften the bounces. With dimmed lights and the dealer’s professional service, players will feel like they are in a real casino. 

Game Features 

  • Live chat 
  • Applause button to cheer the other players on
  • Mechanical robotic arm throwing the dice
  • Detailed dynamic stats
  • Multiple basic and proposition bets
  • HD stream 
  • Enticing payout percentage 
  • Tutorial
  • My Numbers (showing the numbers you need to win and their respective payouts)


The optimal payout of the game is 99:17%.


Multi-Roll Bets 




Pass Line / Don’t Pass


Come / Don’t Come


Take Odds Pass Line / Come

4 or 10 


5 or 9


6 or 8


Lay Odds Don’t Pass / Don’t Come

4 or 10


5 or 9


6 or 8


Place to win 4 or 10


Place to win 5 or 9


Place to win 6 or 8


Place to lose 4 or 10


Place to lose 5 or 9


Place to lose 6 or 8 


Hard 4 or 10


Hard 6 or 8



One Roll Bets 





3, 4, 9, 10, or 11


2 or 12






Crap 2


Crap 3


Crap 12





2,3 or 12




Gameplay Tutorial

As we briefly mentioned earlier, the role of the shooter or person throwing the dice is assumed by the robotic arm designed by Evolution so that the dealer wouldn’t be throwing the dice, just loading them into the machine. This prevents the players from blaming the dealer for any unfavorable rolls. Before the dice are rolled, players need to click on the chips and place their bets within 17 seconds. 

The first roll of the dice is called the Come Out roll and is indicated with a black OFF puck on the screen. Before the roll, players can place two of the most fundamental bets in craps — Pass Line and Don’t Pass bets. The Pass Line bet is won if the roll’s outcome is either 7 or 11, otherwise known as Natural. If the two dice’s total is 2 or 3, the Don’t Pass bet is won. In case a 12 lands, that is a Push, which means the players get their bets back. 

If the dice produce any other total (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10), the game comes to the Point. The puck now switches to ON, and the dice are rolled again until they produce a 7 or the point total that initiated the round. If you placed a Pass Line bet, you win if the point is reached before a 7, and if you placed a Don’t Pass bet, you win if the 7 comes before the point. 

There are plenty of other types of bets to explore during the Point or anytime, for that matter, such as Hardways, Come, Don’t Come, Odds, and more. 

Video Description

Evolution is known for providing live dealer games in HD streaming quality with multiple cameras that zoom in on the dice to show the result and keep the players in the loop at all times. Much attention was put on the community feel of the game, and the video and sound quality significantly contributed to that atmosphere. 

Native Speaking Dealers

The game is primarily played in English. However, given Evolution’s customization options, we can expect the game to come in various languages supported by Evolution and requested by clients. 

Mobile/Desktop Interface

Craps Live is a game perfectly optimized for all types of devices and is playable in both landscape and portrait modes on all tablets, smartphones, notebooks, etc. What’s more, the friendly user interface, smooth navigation, and responsiveness are what you can expect to see. Also, all operating systems are supported, from iOS and Android to Windows, so the players won’t have any problems accessing the game. 

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