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The Third-party Integration Engine provides a seamless and secure API (Application Programming Interface) for third-party systems to integrate to our Live Casino system.

This engine supports the following integration types:

  • One Wallet – where the user’s balance is held on the third-party system
  • Funds Transfer – where the user explicitly transfers funds from the third-party system to the Live Casino system.

By offering these two integration approaches, Evolution meets the needs of most gaming operators in Europe and, indeed, globally. In addition, both approaches can easily be adapted to meet country-specific regulatory requirements.

Key features

  • Seamless user experience for the player
  • SSL protocol between the third-party and the Evolution Gaming system to ensure secure communication
  • Platform independent – can be integrated regardless of the third-party system’s technology platform.

One Wallet integration

One Wallet integration enables players to place bets in the Evolutions Live Casino using funds held in the licensee’s system – without having to explicitly transfer funds between accounts.


  • Evolution manages the players’ account balances
  • Transactions are recorded both on the Evolution system and the licensee’s system
  • Evolution will verify each transaction against the licensee’s system before processing it.

One Wallet integration is recommended for larger licensees, or for licensees that already adopt a One Wallet approach with other game providers.

Funds Transfer integration

Funds Transfer integration means that players will have to explicitly transfer funds from the licensee’s system to the Evolutions Live Casino system in order to place bets.


  • The licensee manages the players’ balances
  • Players specify the amount they want to transfer to the Evolution system
  • No verification is made against the licensee’s system
  • Transactions are recorded only in the Evolution system and the licensee can access reports via the Evolution Casino Admin system. Funds Transfer integration requires less work than One Wallet integration, and is therefore faster to complete.


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